Nearby locations

Below you will find a small list of locations recommended by us. These locations are our go-to locations or random locations we have found exploring the island.

Tumalog Waterfalls

A beautiful waterfall on the wast-side of the Island not far from Oslob
(our own picture)

Inambakan Falls

A beautiful waterfall on the east-side of the Island not far from MoalBoal
(our own picture)

Nomad's refuge

A beautiful location for a quick stop or a lovely dinner. The staff is always friendly and helpfull. The views are amazing at every time of the day.

Simala Parish Church

A beautiful castle-like church in the mountains just south of Cebu city! Well worth the visit for this wonderfull church and beautiful garden!

Tauig Beach Resort

A beautiful location with a view over the blue waters of Moalboal. The food is amazing and the staff is friendly. We accidentally stumbled across this place and was the best navigation-mistake we’ve made so far!

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